Skyline Sips: The Bekeb Experience in San Miguel de Allende

San Miguel de Allende, a historic treasure in Mexico’s heartland, is a symphony of culture and creativity. Among the rhythm of cobblestone streets and the harmony of baroque architecture, a fresh note is being played—Bekeb.

Bekeb: Where Mixology Meets Heritage in San Miguel de Allende

On an exquisite rooftop in the city, Bekeb offers a mesmerizing mixology experience that swirls on the tongue and lingers in the memory. The name ‘Bekeb’, which translates to ‘seed’ in Tzotzil, echoes an open invitation to journey back to our roots. Commanding this voyage is Fabiola Padilla, a distinguished mixologist whose skills have been finely honed in the celebrated bars of Cosme and Diego in New York.

The Vibrant Canvas of Bekeb’s Sky-High Experience

Enveloped within the eclectic Casa Hoyos hotel, Bekeb is much more than just a bar—it’s an atmospheric spectacle. As you ascend to the rooftop, you are embraced by an ambiance that seamlessly weaves the vibrant bohemian charm of San Miguel with the chic elegance of modern design. Warm sunset hues, sleek concrete elements, a lush array of greenery, and a throbbing DJ bar collectively set the stage for an unforgettable sky-high rendezvous.

The Art of the Pour: Bekeb’s Innovative Cocktail Menu

The jewel in Bekeb’s crown is undoubtedly its innovative cocktail menu. Each drink is a testament to Padilla’s deft touch and deep appreciation of Mexican botany. The signature cocktails, each with their unique blend of traditional roots, plants, and flowers, offer a taste of Mexico’s rich natural heritage.

Taste Temptations: Signature Concoctions at Bekeb

Highlights from Bekeb’s cocktail creations include the Gin & Matcha—a revitalizing blend of gin, green Chartreuse liqueur, matcha, cucumber, aquafaba, and epazote. The Purple Rain brings together white tequila, beet, pineapple, ginger, and Meyer lemon in a vibrant melody, while the Carajillo Allende provides a distinctly Mexican spin on the classic coffee cocktail with an espresso shot, cocoa liqueur, and banana liqueur.

Beyond the Glass: Bekeb’s Gastronomic Companions

The Bekeb experience extends beyond the confines of a cocktail glass. A meticulously curated food selection complements the drinks, with each dish designed to enhance, not overshadow, the mixology experience. From tangy aguachiles and delectable seafood tacos to a selection of tapas and appetizers crafted for communal enjoyment, every bite is an exploration of gastronomic simplicity.

A Toast to the Journey: The Bekeb Expedition Experience

Whether you come to Bekeb to toast to innovative cocktails or to drink in the panoramic vistas of San Miguel de Allende, you are promised an experience that is not just a visit—it’s an expedition. An expedition that celebrates craftsmanship, creativity, and a profound appreciation for Mexican mixology. So step into Bekeb, raise a glass to the sky, and embark on a flavor-filled journey that spans the rooftop of Casa Hoyos to the rich landscapes of Mexican botanical heritage.

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