Santo Miguelito’s Gastronomical Art: Chiles Encapulinados at Artspace Mexico Gallery

Encapulinados at Artspace Mexico Gallery
Nestled in the heart of Mexico is an extraordinary celebration of art, culture, and cuisine that defies all norms. Artspace Mexico Gallery is elated to extend an exclusive invitation to a culinary spectacle and gastronomic banquet of Chiles Encapulinados, presented by the provocative and innovative artist Santo Miguelito. This unique food-art event is an intriguing parallel activity to Santo’s current exhibition, “Herencia de Familia: Cholulteca, gordo y maricón” or “Family Inheritance: Cholulteca, fat and queer”.

Artspace Mexico Gallery hosts Santo Miguelito’s banquet, a fusion of art and cuisine

The centerpiece of the event, the chile encapulinado, is a homage to Santo Miguelito’s culinary heritage. He summons this recipe through his gastronomic alter ego, Santa Sazón, an entity that exemplifies the rich culinary tradition of his native Cholula. At the heart of this dish is the capulín, a delightfully sweet fruit, little-known and seldom used outside of Puebla. Its harvest is celebrated in May and June, marking a seasonal spectacle in the region.

Santa Sazón, revered as the saint of good food and oral pleasure, audaciously treads the thin line between genders. She challenges conventional norms, disrupts the machismo stigma associated with cooking, and advocates that gastronomy is not solely a woman’s realm. The entity of Santa Sazón prepares the Chiles Encapulinados, a dish that brings to life family recipes and the essence of local culinary wisdom.

Guests at the banquet are treated to a mesmerizing blend of gastronomy, performance, and art. The culinary journey through the banquet is adorned with Santa Sazón’s textile and ceramic artworks, creating an ambiance that transcends the conventional dining experience. Traditional drinks such as pulque and mezcal accompany the feast, fostering an atmosphere of communion and shared enjoyment among the diners.

The banquet will be a five-course affair, encompassing a consommé, main course, and dessert. Each course is paired with a local drink, providing a unique tasting experience of mezcal, pulque, and traditional aguas frescas.

Banquet Menu:

Tlacoyo Xelhua

Savour two tlacoyos made with Cholulteca creole corn, seasoned with fine regional herbs, and served with cream, cheese, and green sauce. Paired with a Kombucha cocktail and Iguana Negra mezcal.

Ensalada Xochiketzal

A vibrant salad featuring quintoniles, purslane, edible flowers, capulin, almonds, and goat cheese. Paired with a refreshing Pinole cured pulque.

Puchero de gallina secretaria

A hearty serving of chicken, vegetables, cacamas (tender beans), and fine herbs. Paired with Iguana Negra Mezcal.

Chile encapulinados

Dive into the exquisite Mulato chili bell pepper, stuffed with seasonal fruit and pork, bathed in a capulin seed sauce. Paired with Poblano Cider.

Rodeo Cholulteca

End the meal on a sweet note with Cholulteca style muégano served with red fruit ice cream. Paired with the Elixir of happiness, a curated blend of Mezcal with fresh capulines.

We are eager to share the banquet dates with you soon.

Join us on this exhilarating culinary and artistic journey. Purchase your tickets and reserve your place at .

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