Zazil Retreat: Embrace Serenity and Ocean Views in Oaxaca’s Premier Yoga Sanctuary

Zazil Retreat, a picturesque haven nestled on the Pacific coast of Oaxaca, Mexico, epitomizes the essence of tranquility and rejuvenation. Deriving its name from the Mayan word for ‘light’, Zazil stands as a beacon of serenity, offering a panoramic sea view that stretches across the enchanting San Agustinillo Bay.

Yoga Retreat Sanctuary

Zazil’s allure is magnified by its 170 m2 yoga studio, a sanctuary for up to 16 yoga enthusiasts. Fully equipped with mats, straps, blankets, blocks, bolsters, chairs, and meditation cushions, this studio is more than just a space; it’s an immersive experience. Enveloped by nature, practitioners can indulge in yoga and meditation, accompanied by the soothing symphony of chirping birds and gentle ocean waves. The studio, basking in the golden hues of sunrise and sunset, provides an idyllic setting for a transformative yoga journey.

Accommodation and Culinary Delights

The retreat offers accommodation for 16 guests, ensuring an intimate and personalized experience. Each bungalow, surrounded by vibrant flowers and natural beauty, promises a peaceful stay. Guests are greeted each morning with a nutritious continental breakfast, served at a communal table, fostering a sense of community and connection. For yoga retreats, additional meals can be arranged, accommodating special dietary needs like vegan or gluten-free options. Alternatively, guests have the freedom to bring their own cook to utilize the well-equipped kitchen.

Holistic Wellness and Massage

Zazil extends its offerings to holistic wellness, featuring osteopathic massages by Lorraine Krohnengold and Aguahara water massages by Jojo Walsh. These unique therapies combine various Eastern and Western techniques, promising a deep state of relaxation and healing. Sessions can be organized at the retreat, including at Zazil’s infinity pool, adding to the overall wellness experience.

Ease of Organization

Recognizing the needs of retreat organizers, Zazil provides a comprehensive Excel-based calculator to effortlessly plan and budget the retreat. This tool includes all potential costs like accommodation, food, kitchen rent, and studio hire, streamlining the planning process.

Connectivity and Accessibility

Despite its secluded charm, Zazil remains well-connected. It’s listed on major platforms like, Airbnb, and maintains its own website, offering various avenues for reservations.

In summary, Zazil Retreat stands out as a beacon of light for those seeking a harmonious blend of yoga, nature, wellness, and community in the picturesque setting of Oaxaca’s Pacific coast. It’s a place where the body, mind, and soul can find peace, rejuvenation, and connection, all under the gentle watch of the Mexican sun.

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